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March 8, 2019

October 12, 2018

April 3, 2018

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April 3, 2018

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Life in Mexico.

March 8, 2019

It's been two months and counting since we made it Mexico and we may not come back. 



Well, we are coming back, in part because we have to (legally) and in part because we have big plans for the summer. But to say the least we have really enjoyed spending time in Baja California Sur. We cruised past the 10,000 mile mark while driving down the Baja Peninsula and have been at an RV park in Los Barriles since late December. We had a minor setback just before we crossed the border in San Diego that pushed our timeline back two weeks. Nala had to have double knee surgery so we had to stick around for a bit until her checkup. She was an absolute trooper during the recovery period and I'm happy to report she is doing fantastic. 



In addition to the comfort of being in one place for two months we are blessed to be right next to my parents...like literally 20 feet away. For some that might be a nightmare but my parents are cool as hell and super generous so we couldn't be happier. My dad will be 70 this year and he just rode his motorcycle 1,300 miles through Mexico solo...only to fly to Atlanta and then drive back across the country to Baja Sur with my brother and his family. Like I said, cool and generous.    


We have been trying to learn Spanish while we are here even though most of the locals speak English. Amalia is really picking it up fast as I knew she would. We have found a great local taco stand where we can get legit Mexican tacos for $1. Life is simple and beautiful here. The people are very nice and the weather is amazing as we have only used the air conditioning a few times. It can get a little windy but it hasn't rained once and we really can't complain about living on the beach...and when I say on the beach...I mean on the beach. 



There are rays jumping out of the water daily, whales breaching and we have seen a seal right off the beach. The marine life here is quite abundant and we have been trying to see as much of it as possible when we can. On the Pacific side there is local organization that release baby sea turtles every evening and tons of whales. In La Paz we were able to swim with whale sharks which is one of the coolest experiences either of us have had. I would do it again without a doubt. 




Its been over 8 months since we left Florida and we have covered a decent amount of ground.  But it is only the beginning....We plan to drive to Alaska this summer and cover another 10,000 miles before we return to Baja next winter. 






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